Contemporary Documentation

Ilustrační obrázek

The sub-collection Contemporary Documentation originated in the early 1980s as a documentation of the socialistic development in the Kutná Hora district and its companies. The sub-collection was subsequently divided according to signatures into the paper documentation (sign. DS) and the three-dimensional (sign. S).

The paper documentation of the socialistic era comprises, for the most part, a documentary photo collection supplemented by some propagandistic leaflets and brochures and other small printed material. It has been allocated into several groups:

Anna Kvašová (a Communist Party member murdered in 1952), ČKD Kutná Hora, ČSTP Kutná Hora, Friendship (Družba) Contacts, Kavalier Sázava, Kosmos Čáslav, Culture, Healthcare, Social Care and Sport, Máje (Mays), Trade and Services, Pioneers and SSM (Socialist Union of Youth), Pleas Kutná Hora, Praga Kutná Hora, RD (Ore Mines) Kaňk, Sázavan Zruč na Sázavou, SČSP and other organizations, Triola Kutná Hora, ÚNS Kutná Hora, Public Political Activity, The District Development, Agriculture

Ilustrační obrázek Ilustrační obrázek

A special group is comprised of the Vlastějovice fund which contains an assortment of some small letters, leaflets and printed matter collected by the one-time museum in Vlastějovice.

The collection development was resumed after the year 2000. Several other groups have been created primarily pursuant to chronological order:

World War I, Czechoslovakian Republic, World War II, Resistance in Uhlířské Janovice, Liberation 1945, 1945 to 1989, Srpen 1989, 1990, etc.

Also several subject groups have been created: Magazines (especially corporate printed matters), Chronicles and Witnesses (trade journals and witnesses’ testimonies), Municipalities (documentation according to the district’s municipalities), Personalities, Management of the historical center of Kutná Hora, Kutná Hora Brewery, Posters (cultural and social events, theatre, concerts, lectures, etc. – the most extensive group with further internal division), Education.

The documentation of three-dimensional objects was originally regarded as documentation of the socialistic corporations’ production. Among the objects can be found especially the glass products of Kavalier Sázava, several products from ČKD and Praga (Avia) or some mining equipment from Rudné doly Kaňk, which used to have their hall of traditions at the museum. The division into subject groups was not carried out until after 2000:

Fire Department, Boxes (wrapping materials with the advertisements of Kutná Hora’s tradesmen, Badges (a unique collection of several hundred regional badges including several single copies, e.g. the Kutná Hora’s velocipedists), Memorial plaques, Kutná Hora Brewery, Corporations in the Kutná Hora region, Glass (container glass, especially bottles from regional breweries), Sport, World Wars

Administrator: Bc. Josef Kremla