Hrádek - Czech Museum of Silver and medieval silver mine


April and October 9.00 – 17.00
May, June and September 9.00 – 18.00
July and August 10.00 – 18.00
November: 10.00 - 16.00
Closed on Mondays
Tour II is guided and usually starts every half-hour. Tour I can be taken individually.


Barborská 28, 284 01 Kutná Hora

Tel.: 327 512 159

Fax: 327 513 813



Tour I - "The Town of Silver"

self-guided tour

geology • archeology • development of Kutná Hora • history of Hrádek • life of "silver nobility" • numismatics

Adults70,– CZK
Children, students40,– CZK

Tour II - "The Way of Silver"

guided tour

geology • archeology • development of Kutná Hora • history of Hrádek • life of "silver nobility" • numismatics

Adults140,– CZK
Children, students100,– CZK

Both tours at a special price

Adults170,– CZK
Children, students120,– CZK

Foreign language explanation:

20,- CZK per person

Non-commercial personal photography permission:

50,- CZK

Fee for special tour on request:

2000,- CZK


Children accompanied by parents may visit the mine from the age of 6. Children in group (school excursions, etc.) may enter the mine only from the age of 10. People suffering from claustrophobia, cardiac and respiratory deseases, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility are not allowed to enter the mine. Dogs are not permitted.

For great interest of visitors it is recommended to make a reservation of tour II in advance. Reservations are accepted by mail, fax, phone, e-mail or web form. In written reservation please state your name, address, phone or fax, date, number of visitors and your request for foreign language explanation.


On-line reservations: web form
Telephone: +420 733 420 366, 327 512 159

Tour description

The main exposition of the Czech Museum of Silver offers to its visitors two tours.

Tour I - "The Town of Silver"

geology • archeology • development of Kutná Hora • history of Hrádek • life of "silver nobility" • numismatics

Visitors get acquainted with the development of Kutná Hora from the beginning into the shape of the second most important town of the kingdom. The ground floor is dedicated to the geology of Kutná Hora ore district and to archaeological relics documenting prehistoric and early medieval settlement of the region before the foundation of Kutná Hora. Another hall is dedicated to the rapid beginnings of the town when the silver was discovered here.

The exposition on the first floor introduces Kutná Hora as an imposing royal mining town. It presents development of Hrádek, lifestyle of entrepreneur's "silver" nobility and the role of Kutná Hora in the Czech state. One hall is dedicated to an exhaustive overview of the Czech mintage struck in Kutná Hora.

The tour takes 1 hour.

Tour II - "The Way of Silver"

medieval mine • mining machine from the 16th century • medieval technology of mining and minting • miners' settlement

The tour introduces the whole process through which the silver ore had passed until a silver coin was struck. Visitors get acquainted with the medieval technology of mining, processing raw silver and minting coinage. The tour includes a replica of medieval mine with technical equipments, original mining machine powered by horses and original medieval mine. Visitors equipped with a lamp, helmet and mining kirtle with hood go through a 250 m long medieval gallery. The tour is finished in a scenic exposition introducing the processing silver ore and minting coins.

Since May 2007, the newest part of the exposition called the Miners' Settlement is open in the garden of Hrádek. It includes log buildings, mining shelters, ore washing gutter, ore shredder with wheel and smelting furnace with blowers and equipment. It is supplemented with figures of workes processing the silver ore.

The tour takes 1,5 hour.

Tour I + II

Includes both tours at a special price. It takes about 2,5 hours.