Maps and Plans

The sub-collection maps and plans represents a set of carthographical material of regional, national but also worldwide character. The origins of the collection date back to Vocel Archaeological Society, i.e. the last quarter of the 19th century. However, in 1983 nearly half of the sub-collection was transferred to the National Museum and the Museum of the Capital City of Prague. The sub-collection is currently divided into the following groups:

Historical Maps (reconstruction maps showing the historical layouts), World and the Continents, Bohemia, Cities, Plans of buildings, the Kutná Hora region, Kutná Hora, Kutná Hora’s houses, Atlases, Globes, Geological and Mining Maps.

Currently, the sub-collection comprises more than 830 collection items, which are partially inventoried using the second degree registration and accessible in the on-line catalogue.

In 2010, a number of interesting maps and plans were published in the 22nd Volume of the Atlas of Historical Maps of Cities in the Czech Republic, which deals explicitly with Kutná Hora.

Administrator: Bc. Josef Kremla