Models and Copies

Ilustrační obrázek

The sub-collection models and copies may be divided into two basic groups and several single entities. The oldest and most important items are represented by the models of Kutná Hora’s historical sights (St Barbara’s Cathedral, Italian Court, Stone House, Church of the Holy Trinity, etc.) prior to their puristic restoration in the late 1800s. The second group may be labelled as memorials and memorial plaques, or more precisely their models (e.g. memorial plaque of Felix Jenewein) or plaster castings of memorial plaques made during World War II prior to their requisition.

The sub-collection is supplemented by a relatively large collection of study material, which includes an array of quite valuable models and copies. At random, we can point out the models of window consoles from the facade of the Stone House, a set of several hundred seals or casts of inscriptions and reliefs from the bells requisitioned in Kutná Hora. In the future, several items from this sub-collection will certainly be selected and registered in the musem collection.

Currently, the sub-collection includes 23 collection items, all of which have been inventoried using the second degree registration and are accessible in the on-line catalogue.

Also the supplementary study material is partially inventoried (several dozen items of the total of 1600) and accessible in the on-line catalogue.

Administrator: Bc. Josef Kremla