Musical scores

The sub-collection musical scores is divided into two groups – manuscripts and prints. The manuscript part comprises duplicates (and maybe even autographs) of smaller compositions by local composers, especially by Aloise Strébl and Antonín Ptáček. On the contrary, the prints part is dominated by the editions of the world famous composers – Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven and others. However, there are also some small prints of local provenience, presumably used by musical bands of some local guilds and the like. All registered music dates back to the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

The original sub-collection, the core of which had been found by Vocel Archaeological Society in the late 19th century, underwent a radical change in 1980 when the fund was reviewed by the experts from the Museum of Czech Music (currently the Czech Museum of Music). The valuable musical scores (particularly the manuscripts, including the Renaissance ones) were selected and subsequently assigned to the authority of their museum and the remaining part of the funds was supposed to be discarded as worthless. Consequently, it is unclear whether the current musical scores, registered in 1998, come from this „worthless“ part or have been newly acquired or discovered in the museum. Currently, the sub-collection comprises more than 500 collection items.

Administrator: Bc. Josef Kremla