Stonework construction components

Ilustrační obrázek

The core of the sub-collection is composed of the stonework construction components replaced during the period of puristic reconstructions of the Kutná Hora’s historical sights in the late 19th century that were organized by Vocel Archaeological Society. The largest sets include components from the Stone House and from the Cathedral of St Barbara. However, there are some single entities from the Italian Court, the Church of St Trinity or the Stone Fountain.

The sub-collection also includes a few of the Kutná Hora’s statues, e.g. the statue of St John Nepomuk from the Komenský Square and from Lorec or St Barbara, and numerous smaller components. Among these can be found an array of remarkable stone and sculptural work. The oldest one is the capital of a gothic collumn from the Church of St Wenceslaus in Pněvice, the boundary stone of the Sedlec monastery and the Prague canonry or the original head of a Baroque statue of St Donatus from Chlum near Staňkovice.

Currently, the sub-collection includes more than 130 collection items.

Administrator: Bc. Josef Kremla