Visitor rules - Hrádek

I. General Provisions

1. The Czech Museum of Siver („CMS“ below) is an independent legal entity, founded on 1.1.2003 and supported by the regional government of Středočeský kraj.

2. The legal aspects of the museum are governed by law 122/2000 Sb. and further specified by the founding document of CMS in Kutná Hora.

3. Relationship of the CMS to other organizations is governed by generally applicable regulations and laws.

II. Operation

1. These vistitor rules apply to visitors of the medieval mine, guided tours, expositions, exhibitions, accompanying programs and cultural events in the CMS – Hrádek.

III. Opening and Visitor Hours

1. Guided tours of expositions and medieval mine are possible during following set opening hours:

April and October 9.00-17.00
July and August 10.00-18.00
May, June and September 9.00-18.00
November 10.00-16.00

2. Closing day is Monday unless it is a national holiday.

3. The last tour of I. / II. starts 30 / 90 minutes before the closing hour.

4. In exceptional cases, and depending on staffing and technical support, the opening hours can be adjusted as needed or negotiated. It is also possible to organize special tours.

5. CMS reserves the right to restrict operation of the mine, individual expositions and other public areas or completely close the museum for operational reasons (e. g. in case of averse climatic conditions).

IV. Admission

1. Admission is subject to the valid price list of CMS.

2. Those interested in tours, expositions, exhibitions or accompanying program purchase tickets at the box office of the Museum and follow further instructions of the cashier and the tour guides.

3. By purchasing tickets the visitor takes note of the visitor rules and agrees with the general terms and conditions of CMS.

4. After paying an admission fee the visitor receives a ticket, which allows the entry. The ticket has to be kept for the duration of the entire tour and at the request of employees of CMS has to be submitted at any time to a validity check.

V. Tour

1. Tour I is accessible individually without a guide. The entry to expositions of the tour II and to the mine is permitted only with a guide.

2. The entry to CMS objects and mine is forbidden to persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances, persons in heavily polluted clothing. Entry with dogs is also not allowed.

3. It is prohibited to consume any food or beverages in the expositions of the museum and mine.

4. It is forbidden to interfere with the tour by an inappropriate behavior (such as loud noises, music production or related activities), or in any other way complicate the tour to the other visitors.

5. Visitors must not touch the displayed exhibits and glass display cases, so as not to damage them. It is prohibited to break (or damage in any other way) the sinter (limestone) decorations in the mine. Especially while visiting with children, the accompanying adults must take care of compliance with this point of the visitor rules.

6. Children under the age 6 are not allowed the entrance to the mine. Children from 6 to 10 years old are permitted the entrance only when accompanied by adults (max 2 children per adult person).

7. Visits of groups of children to the mine are allowed for children with age from 10 or more (or 4th class of the elementary school) with the accompaniment of an adult (teacher, delegate, etc.), who is obliged to take part in the tour and is responsible for the compliance with the visitor rules.

8. Collective visits or groups of individuals are allowed up to 25 persons. Group visits of children under 15 years old are allowed up to a maximum of 30 persons (including pedagogical accompaniment, delegates, interpreters, etc.).

VI. Photography

1. Photography is permitted solely for private purposes. Photography for commercial, scientific, documentation or other purposes than private can be allowed by requesting reproductive rights from the director of CMS.

2. When taking pictures it is forbidden to use a tripod, flash, auxiliary lights, in any way restrict the fluency of the tour or movement of other visitors. It is strictly forbidden to make detail pictures of exhibits.

3. In the case of violation of these rules, the visitor will be banished from tour without refund. Other legal provisions, such as penalties in case of copyright infringement, etc., are not affected.

4. By entering the CMS premises, the visitor consents that photographs and audiovisual recordings of the visitor may be taken in connection with the promotion or documentation of the museum's events. When documenting and using it, the museum is obliged to proceed in a manner that does not harm the visitor.

VII. Security and Fire Protection

1. During the tour of the mine, all visitors are obliged to wear protective clothing, helmet and hand flashlight. Visitors are obliged to return the borrowed equipment after the tour. Any damage to or loss of this equipment, will be prescribed for payment by the visitors.

2. The entrance to the mine is not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia, cardiac and neurological disorders, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, people with reduced mobility, partially sighted people and women in high level of pregnancy.

3. It is not recommended to enter the mine with any luggage, inappropriate footwear or clothing. It is important that the visitor has both of his hands free to be able to hold a flashlight in one hand and with the other hand ensure safe walking.

4. During the tour, it is necessary to maintain discipline, follow exactly the tour guide´s instructions and observe any warning signs. It is strictly forbidden to walk outside the reserved area of guided tours.

5. Smoking and any manipulation with an open fire is prohibited in the whole area of CMS.

6. Visitors are required to immediately obey all organizational guidelines or instructions issued by the ČMS staff especially in the interest of safety, the security of object and collections, but also in connection with the possible evacuation of buildings, mine etc..

7. CMS is not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by breach of the visitor rules.

VIII. Final Provisions

1. In the case a visitor does not respect the visitor rules, guidelines or instructions of the guide or other employee of CMS, he will be banished from the object without a ticket refund or forwarded to the relevant authorities.

2. Visitors can write requests, complaints or suggestions into the Requests and Complaints Book, which is permanently placed in the box office of CMS, or send the inquiry to the e-mail address:

3. These Visitor Rules came into affect on 1. 4. 2023.

Mgr. Lenka Mazačová
Director of the Czech Museum of Silver, p.o.