Ilustrační obrázek

The sub-collection miscellaneous includes such items that may not be registered in any other sub-collection. Nevertheless, it may be divided into several groups:

  • Household – every day items used in an ordinary household (irons, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, radios and gramophones, shaving machines, kitchen equipment)
  • Office – office equipment objects (typewriters, staplers and perforators, calculating machines)
  • Medicine – medical and pharmaceutical equipment (pharmaceutical scales and weights, thermometres, blood letting tool, dentist´s tongs, retort, test tube tongs)
  • Measuring devices – pocket sun clocks and astrolabes
  • Craftsmen – tools and equipment (wood smoothing planes, gilding spatulas, stucco frames)
  • Zoology – hunting trophees and a very interesting narwhal´s tusk (a horn of the legendary unicorn from the Kutná Hora´s pharmacy U Jednorožce, English: At the Unicorn)
  • Miscellaneous – specific and unclassifiable single entities (flagelants´ scourges, a Renaissance coffer ceiling, a railway station lamp or a wooden business sign)

The sub-collection currently comprises nearly 200 collection items, a few items are inventoried using the second level of registration and are available in the on-line catalogue.

Administrator: Bc. Josef Kremla